Why have the prices of trips to Turkey increased – and where to go on vacation?

Why did Turkey’s price increase?

Dilya Demidenko, Head of TravelBelka Online Tours, explains the double increase in ticket prices for various reasons. According to him, this is primarily due to the decrease in the number of flights.

“They have shrunk many times due to flight restrictions and the ban on charter flights for Russian airlines. Most of the flights are operated by Turkish Airlines. The demand is huge and there are very few tickets, as a result we have much higher prices than usual,” he explains.

According to him, the second reason is the strong decline in the Turkish lira foreign exchange market, resulting in an increase in inflation in the country to 80% and an increase in service prices. At the same time, he states that everything in Turkey is now cheap for Russians.

“I advise you not to take too many things with you and not fly with a half-empty suitcase, because you can shop well and buy the necessary things at a profit on the spot,” Demidenko says.

The expert also blames the “crazy demand” for trips to the country for the increase in prices. According to him, despite the increase in prices, Turkey remains the leader in booking.

“Demand also sets its own rules: the higher the demand, the higher the prices,” he summarizes.

Turkey, but in the fall

Where do Russians fly to for a budget vacation by the sea? Anna Nevzorova, head of the travel agency Lime Travel, travel expert and author of the blog @lime.travel.club, recommends that those who are not ready to give up the Turkish beaches in favor of other destinations, postpone their holidays until autumn. He notes that

The swimming season in Turkey lasts until the second half of October and the prices for these dates will be much lower than in the summer months.

“There is no such influx of tourists in autumn, the temperature is decreasing but the sea is still warm. And the prices are much nicer than in the middle of summer. “It is quite possible for a family with a child under 12 to go on holiday in early October for 8-9 days to a very good hotel for just over 150,000 rubles.”


If you do not want to wait until autumn, Nevzorova recommends considering the option of vacation in the Maldives. According to him, the cost of a ticket to the Maldives today can be equal to the price of a vacation in Turkish resorts. In order for the price of the tour to be as profitable as possible, it is worth taking care to book a hotel and buy tickets for a flight in advance, she explains.

“Both hotels and airlines always offer very reasonable price options when booking in advance. For example, at the end of last year, the Emirates airline sold air tickets, and a flight to the Maldives can cost only 34 thousand per person, ”he gives an example.

Travel expert and founder of the Family Dreamtrip agency Anna Veras adds that holidays in the Maldives cannot be called budget, but today the prices of trips to the islands are comparable to the cost of package tours to quality Turkish hotels.

“Moreover, the prices of Maldivian resorts drop 1.5-2 times during the summer months. And the rainy season on the islands is not the same as in Thailand – they do not go every day and, as a rule, are short-lived. So the benefit is obvious.”

“So far, there is such an opportunity to relax in the Maldives in September-October for a little over 100 thousand rubles per person,” said Dilya Demidenko.

According to him, with a transfer, you can fly to the islands for 35,000 round trips, and prices for direct flights start from 55,000 rubles per person, thanks to the resumption of Aeroflot’s flight schedule. The cost of living in the resort starts from 88 thousand rubles per week for two adults. The expert explains that in the Maldives you can also stay in a guesthouse, but this is a completely different type of vacation – many associate the Maldives with rest in the resort.

United Arab Emirates

According to Anna Nevzorova, the United Arab Emirates could be an alternative to Turkey, where summer is considered low season, as in the Maldives.

“A 10-day package tour to the 5-star Rixos Bab Al Bahr hotel in the Emirate of Rasul Khaimah will cost 280 thousand rubles for a family with a child under 12 years old. A similar Rixos hotel in Turkey will cost the same family 390,000,” he says.

Anna Veras adds that in addition to a beach holiday in the UAE during the summer, tourists can find excellent shopping.

“There are always great discounts and great deals in the summer. Every room and mall in the UAE has air conditioning, so shopping will be pleasant and comfortable.”


It is generally accepted that summer is not the season for Egyptian resorts. According to Anna Veras, the temperature in the Red Sea resorts during the summer reaches really high levels, but due to the dry air, it is easier than the same figures in the Krasnodar Territory.

“But one of the most beautiful seas is warming like fresh milk and you can enjoy swimming even at night. It is better to stop the choice in the resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh, where there are many excellent hotels for every taste and budget, and where the winds bring some coolness, ”says.

Russian resorts

Industry experts recommend looking at Russian resorts. According to Anna Veras, the Russian service today is not much inferior to the Turkish service, because in recent years the quality of service has increased significantly.

“Both in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and on the Crimean Peninsula there are all-inclusive hotels with excellent conditions for rest, swimming pools for adults and children, and water slides. In the Anapa region, you can choose between pebble beaches or golden sands,” he says.

Dilya Demidenko adds that a one-week vacation in the Crimea with a round-trip bus in a good all-inclusive hotel will cost about 95 thousand rubles. However, according to him, going to the facility will not be that easy due to the closed airports.

“There are hotels, but if you don’t have a pre-purchased train ticket, you’ll have to get there by car, hitchhiking or bus,” he says.

In addition to resorts on the Black Sea coast, Anna Veras advises to pay attention to other areas. In particular, he proposes to choose a sightseeing tour in Dagestan and add to it a beach vacation for several days on the Caspian Sea.

The Baltic will also host tourists. The sea is cool, but at the end of summer, the swimming season is quite possible. And if you go to the Curonian Spit, which separates the blue sea waters from the freshwater bay, please, the water is comfortable and clear, and the bonus is a beautiful view from the dunes, fresh air and pine groves,” says Veras.

Demidenko explains that a one-week vacation in Kaliningrad with flights in both directions will cost about 65-70 thousand rubles. without food or only with breakfast. But the expert does not advise to wait for the beloved all-inclusive, with this system in the Kaliningrad region, according to him, it is still “tight”.

Don’t hope and save on a trip to Sochi, warns Demidenko.

“The prices are not much different from Turkey, they are even higher. There are all-inclusive options, but a one-week package tour will cost an average of 115 thousand rubles. for two,” he says.

A trip to Abkhazia will cost a little less.

“A week-long package tour for Abkhazia with a good hotel and full board meals will cost an average of 90 thousand rubles. for two,” he explains.

Turkey has ceased to be a budget holiday destination for Russians – tour prices have almost doubled. According to tourism experts, the sharp increase in prices was affected by the lack of available destinations, the decrease in the number of flights, the almost complete absence of charters and high inflation in Turkey. Where to go to the Russians for the sea and the sun in the “all inclusive” system – in the material “socialbites.ca”.

Source: Gazeta


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