The 50-year-old Trinidad is the 25th death from sexist violence in 2022.

Trinidad was 50 years old, mother of four grown children, and a farmer in Albuñol (Granada). Early Tuesday morning, her estranged husband killed her with a shotgun and then committed suicide to avoid prosecution for the crime. Trinidad is the 25th death toll from sexist violence so far in 2022, and 1,155 since the statistics began compiling in 2003.

The Government Delegation Against Gender-Based Violence confirmed the sexist nature of the crime this Wednesday and reported: no complaints for the ill-treatment of the alleged attacker.

Trinidad became the seventh victim of intimate femicide this year in Andalusia, a community with the highest number of femicides by their partners or former partners.

Her four minors will not appear in court. official orphan statistics19 boys and girls participated this year alone.

Faced with this new femicide, Head of Government Pedro Sánchez reiterated the need for greater prevention, protection, assistance and reparation for victims. “This should be the commitment of all institutions against gender violence,” she wrote on Twitter.

Of the 25 sexist murders committed in the first seven months of 2022, seven had previously been reported against assailants, eight committed suicide, and five attempted suicide.

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this 016 It helps victims of all forms of violence against women. It is a free and confidential phone that provides services in 53 languages ​​and does not leave a mark on the bill. Information is also provided via e-mail. Counseling and psychosocial care via WhatsApp number 600,000,016. In addition, minors can contact ANAR phone. 900202010. All resources against gender-based violence.

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