Scientists found the reason why men and women have different life expectancies 13:16

Scientists from Osaka University (Japan) found that inhibiting gamete production in fish reduces the difference in life expectancy between females and males. Research results published In the journal Science Advances (SciAdv).

As part of the experiment, scientists extracted reproductive cells from small turquoise killifish, a freshwater species that reaches sexual maturity in two weeks and lives for only a few months. Sex cells (or gametes) are reproductive cells necessary to ensure the sexual reproduction process. Sperm and eggs serve as reproductive cells of male and female vertebrates.

Scientists expected that such an intervention would extend the lifespan of both male and female fish, but this did not happen. Removing germ cells extended the lifespan of male fish. Females without reproductive gametes, on the contrary, died earlier.

In the second phase of the research, scientists decided to test whether taking vitamin D would extend the lifespan of fish. As a result, a 21% increase in life expectancy was recorded for men and 7% for women.

According to the researchers, the aging process in killifish is similar to the aging process in humans. The scientists said their discovery could be an important step towards understanding why women (and female primates such as chimpanzees) live longer than men.

Previously was named the main bad habit that interferes with healthy longevity.

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Source: Gazeta


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