It was learned in which parts of the world children are the laziest and most unsportsmanlike 13:17

According to the research conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) experts, children and young people in England, Scotland and Wales rank last in the mobility ranking among 44 countries. In this respect reports Daily Mail edition.

During the study, WHO experts analyzed the eating habits and physical activity levels of children and adolescents aged 11, 13 and 15 years old living in Europe, Central Asia and Canada. More than eight thousand British teenagers also took part in the survey. They turned out to be the most “lazy” among representatives of 44 countries. Only one in ten respondents from England, Scotland and Wales had developed the habit of doing at least one hour of moderate physical activity (such as walking) every day by the age of 15.

The World Health Organization announced that these results were obtained by evaluating daily mobility. Two-thirds of 15-year-old boys and one-third of girls surveyed engage in intense physical exercise more than four times a week.

Children and adolescents in Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Croatia were more active in daily life. Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Norway ranked even higher in physical activity.

Previously recognizedWhat foods weaken the cardiovascular system of children.

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