Sergei Sosedov condemns young Russian stars for strange remarks 16:26

Music critic Sergei Sosedov speaks to the portal 1msk He condemned modern artists for ambiguous lyrics.

“You are my Everest, that place or place.” Why Everest? So why is he afraid of Everest? Nonsense. Nothing. Empty space. A text is a complete thought. And in the lyrics “back and forth, come here” some words just rhyme, it is not at all clear what we are talking about, ” Sosedov raged.

According to the critic, his ears are “not suitable” for listening to this type of music. In the context of the above, Sosedov emphasized that he does not listen to Klava Coca, Valya Carnival, Sievert, Anna Asti, Niletto and other artists whose lyrics do not appeal to him.

“All their songs are filth, everything is disgusting and has nothing to do with creativity. Of course, it is better to listen to the classics, that’s what I do,” Sosedov summarized.

Recently, Sergei Sosedov expressed his opinion about the new track by Alla Pugacheva called “False Shame”. neighbors highlightedI have not listened to a single composition of the artist who left the Russian Federation.

Previously Neighbors statedthat the media inflated the conflict between Pugacheva and Mikhailov.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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