Vatican may beatify a young man who died in 2006 16:25

The Pope approved the beatification of a teenager who died of leukemia in 2006. This was reported by Times.

A young man named Carlo Acutis was born in London in 1991, but soon moved to Milan. Throughout his life, the teenager defended his classmates, helped the suffering, and popularized the doctrine. For example, I created a website where I describe every Eucharistic miracle.

The reason for the Pope’s decision, according to experts, were two improvements made by Acuticus after his death. Thus, after a study by a special commission in 2020, it was considered a miracle that a child with a rare genetic pancreatic disease in Brazil was healed shortly after praying to Acutis. After this, Acutis himself was canonized.

Another case occurred in 2022. A Costa Rican girl went to Florence and was seriously injured when she fell off her bike. The victim’s mother went to Acutis’ grave. Following this, the Vatican reported that the patient noticed significant improvements on the same day and was discharged 10 days later.

According to the source, a meeting will be held soon among the cardinals where the issue of sainthood will be discussed. Most likely, canonization will occur next year. If this happens, Acutis will be the first saint canonized by the Catholic Church this millennium.

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Source: Gazeta


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