“Alexa, what taxes do foreigners pay in Spain?”

If they can be used to check the weather, broadcast the news, search for videos on Youtube, or even order food at home, why not? virtual assistant I can’t help too solve legal questions Foreigners living or looking to buy a house in Spain? Especially when most of these doubts are often the same and can be automated.

This was what was grown in it. Alicante law firm Pellicer & Heredia, the first law firm to develop a legal system in Spain, voice assistance program specializing in international law, as reported by the firm. Specifically, it’s a “skill” for Amazon-developed assistant Alexa that already answers hundreds of questions. immigration, tax system or housing.

According to the Alicante firm, currently Spanish, French and English it is intended for both foreigners residing in our country and people who live abroad and have some kind of relationship such as second residence.

As is often the case in these cases, the idea arises from the firm’s own experience. “We are experts in international law, Serving all these needs for 20 years and in this virtual assistant we have grouped the legal doubts that foreigners have raised the most throughout our history, to provide them with this information and put all our knowledge and experience at their fingertips,” explains lawyer and co-founder of the firm, Pedro Heredia.

Ignacio Pellicer, who is also the founding partner of the company, Spain’s third most populated province foreign and the leader in international home sales. Pellicer continues, “For all these people who need legal services or information about citizenship procedures, investments, inheritances or buying and selling a home, and with this voice assistant, we will be able to provide them with an immediate and accessible response from anywhere”.

The partners of the firm that brought the voice legal assistant to life.

The voice assistant is very easily accessible. You just need to have an Alexa device and install the App. From that moment you can start by issuing the command “Open Alexa, Pellicer & Heredia Abogados” and start the questions.

In this way, you can access this virtual assistant and ask questions such as how to do it. buy a house As a foreigner in Spain?, what taxes Do residents of Spain pay? golden visa And how to get it? How to get Spanish citizenship? or what they need to do to start a business in the country.

Ignacio Pellicer stated that in this voice assistant we will include audio guides related to the topics we cover in our blog, we want this voice assistant to be available on other devices like Google Assistant and we will include new answers. topics.

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