A mercenary of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Czech Republic spoke about the situation of the Ukrainian army 00:02

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been greatly weakened over two years of combat operations. Petr, a mercenary of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Czech Republic, talked about this. IDNES.

“Ukrainians are getting weaker, and that’s an absolute fact. Soldiers admit this. “Two years is too much for both body and soul,” the mercenary said.

It is stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are also experiencing ammunition shortage. “I think the prospects are not very bright,” Peter added.

Before reportedGenerals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) recognized the superiority of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at the front. The publication emphasizes that after more than two years of military conflict, the Ukrainian army finds itself in the most critical situation since February 2022. La Vanguardia writes that Ukraine needs more troops, more weapons and more Western support.

Also Ukrainian soldier saidThat the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) may suffer defeat due to lack of ammunition. It is stated that the use of cheap unmanned aerial vehicles by both Ukraine and Russia has changed the way modern conflicts are conducted. At the same time, the importance of artillery is still very great because without a sufficient number of bullets, targets detected by reconnaissance drones cannot be hit.

Previously commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine statedThat the Russian Federation has an advantage in the use of FPV drones.

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Source: Gazeta


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