A girl in India saved her little nephew from wild monkeys using a smart speaker 04/15/2024, 23:51

A 13-year-old girl in India used her Alexa smart speaker to save her loved ones from an attack by wild monkeys. writes about this People.

Earlier this month, 13-year-old Nikita from Basti in Uttar Pradesh used her Amazon smart speaker to scare a group of wild monkeys. She reacted immediately to animals entering the house and considered asking the device to reproduce dog barking sounds. But by that time Nikita’s one and a half year old nephew was already frightened.

“The monkeys came into the kitchen and started throwing things here and there. I saw Alexa and asked her to play a dog sound. “The monkeys got scared and ran away because of this barking,” said the girl.

His elderly relative confirmed in an interview with an Indian television channel that monkeys were extremely common in their area and were often “very naughty”. The manufacturer of the smart speaker, which provides great benefits to the user in emergency situations, also commented on the incident.

“The Basti incident is a great example of how quick thinking combined with easy-to-use technology like Alexa can be helpful at home,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

tourist before was taken to intensive care He developed cerebral edema after being attacked by a herd of monkeys in a park in Hong Kong.

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Source: Gazeta


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