Fundesem keeps records open but paralyzes collections

Responsible for Alicante business school Fund us still hoping to find someone solution to the difficult situation That’s where the Center stayed after Ivace rejected and decided on his plan to ally with the European University. terminate the lease and claims 1.65m euros for the delays it owes. Likewise, the center’s president, Cayetano Sánchez Butrón, assured it last Thursday. Classes would end normally. and that all students will receive the agreed education, the school also chose keep registration open for the programs of the next course that are in the full marketing campaign. yes for one the “precautionary” principle registration fees will not be paid For now, until the situation is a little clearer.

This was voiced by the head of Fundesem on Friday, pointing out that necessary solutions will also be sought for those who have already registered. In this sense, Sánchez Butrón and his team continue to analyze all events. alternatives possible to put them on the next table. meeting who called auspices and to the guardian members of the foundation responsible for the school. Finally, a meeting that will convene next Wednesday, where the head of Fundesem hopes the necessary decisions will be taken to make things clear for the future of the centre.

In this sense, after the rejection of the project with the European University, Fundesem’s options would be to reach a conclusion. rapid fund injection This would allow him to owe Ivace—with contributions from employers or a new investor—or file for bankruptcy.

Fundesem’s problems began with the outbreak of the 2008 crisis, with its income falling, and in 2011 the business school decided to stop paying rent to Ivace for the building it occupied on Deportistas Hermanos Torres street. A deal to refinance the debt was signed in 2019 following a change in the management staff, but the outbreak of the pandemic and low income prevented the deal from being fulfilled, and defaults piled up again. The school then reached an agreement with the European University that would allow it to recover that income, but the plan did not convince Generalitat, who thought it was a case of illegality due to non-payment, and said it should seek compensation. debt.

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