Two powerful super villains united in one character – Homelander from The Boys was crossed with Omniman from Unbreakable

What if you combine two powerful super villains into one character? The answer to this question was solved by a digital artist nicknamed Mizuri, who published an illustration featuring a hybrid of Omniman from Unbreakable and Homelander from The Boys.

“The deadly combination of ‘The Boys’ and ‘Invincible’ raises the bar for superhero shows”— said the author of the art.



It’s worth noting that Omniman and Homelander’s superpowers are very similar for the most part, if not to dive into the details. These villains perfectly show what Superman with his superpowers would look like if he became a villain.

Recall that the first season of “Unbreakable” was released last year and quickly became very popular. It has an IMDb score of 8.7. In the future, Amazon plans to release the second and third seasons.

As for The Boys, the third season of this series has recently been released, which has already made a lot of noise on the network. For example, the episode “Gerogasm”, which showed an orgy of superheroes, caused a very strong reaction on the Internet. The rating of the series on IMDb is 8.7 points.👀 Perhaps the biggest drain on GTA 6 has arrived here

Source: VG Times


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