“Thanks to Ukraine, the Russians will steal the world’s best drone from the USA”

Kyiv authorities requested Washington to supply MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles in April, and in early June, the administration of US President Joe Biden decided to include four such drones in its fleet. . Aid package for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

At the same time, reporting this, Reuters explained that the decision is only preliminary and requires the approval of Congress and the Department of Defense. That’s exactly what the American media said, as the Pentagon allegedly blocked the transmission.

“First, because drone procurement falls under the US “Missile Technology Control Regime”, which is a very complex procedure. Second, the Pentagon’s Office of Defense Technology Security suggested that the MQ-1C Gray Eagle, which is considered one of the top assault drones in the US Army, could fall into the hands of Russian experts if hit or dropped. Sergey Belousov, a member of the College of Military Experts, told Gazeta that in addition to missiles, such UAVs also carry radar and surveillance equipment that could be used against the United States if they fall into the hands of the Russian army. ru.

The MQ-1C Gray Eagle is equipped with the AN/ZPY-1 STARlite tactical radar. This radar was commissioned by the US Army Communications and Electronics Command. It began to enter service in 2012 and is still partially classified. UAV avionics also includes the third generation AN / AAS-53 optoelectronic system, which provides surveillance and tracking, as well as target designation for AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.

“Apparently, the US military fears for these secrets, believing that Russia can not only access technical information of the equipment, but also “hack” through aid communication channels that provide reconnaissance and control of missiles and missiles. bomb weapons”, – says Belousov.

Reuters also states that Gray Eagle technologies “may be copied for fraudulent purposes, as well as partially borrowed individual components and structures.”

For example, such fears are understandable, given the fact that Iran’s drone fleet was created on the basis of exact copying of American UAVs that fell on Iranian soil in the last 10-15 years. So, the Shahed-129 attack aircraft is very similar to the American MQ-1 Predator. Tehran also copied the American Insiti ScanEagle and RQ-170 Sentinel drones.

Roman Gusarov, “All these US statements that thanks to Ukraine the Russians will steal the technology of the world’s best drones from the United States and then copy it – it’s fake for domestic use”, editor Roman Gusarov. The general manager of Avia.Ru told socialbites.ca. – They say that nothing sensible is produced in Russia and that they are looking for an excuse to buy Western technologies, and they do not need to be given such a chance. In fact, there is such a factor that Americans fear that their modern technology will fail in real combat operations. It’s one thing to laud your wares at international exhibitions or launch them against the Taliban (the organization is banned in Russia) with Kalashnikovs and RPGs from the last century, it’s another thing to let drones defeat Russian air defense and electronic warfare systems. For this reason, only old and light weapons are sent to Ukraine.”

Gusarov emphasized that if an American drone crashes more or less solidly, the value will lie in examining its characteristics, primarily the “friend or foe” recognition system, which is the most important information for any military.

“This is the most important thing and probably the cause of fears. And it’s definitely not fake. The Russian Ministry of Defense has its own standards. We don’t need this kind of American technology. Gusarov believes that there is no need for import substitution, copying, duplication and other operations from this series.

Ukraine has not yet received the promised four heavy American MQ-1C Gray Eagle aircraft, the transfer of which was tentatively approved by the White House, but now blocked by the US Department of Defense. socialbites.ca, together with military experts, understood what they were afraid of at the Pentagon.

Source: Gazeta


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