Monica Oltra resigns as vice president and Aitana Mas enters the Government

Consell’s vice president, Mónica Oltra, announced her resignation from her position as director of Ximo Puig, five days after TSJ accused her of leading her in a custody case for sexual abuse of a minor. ex-husband sentenced to 5 years in prison. So far, Aitana Mas from Alicante, deputy spokesperson for Reconciliation’s parliamentary group in the Cortes, will be part of the Valencia Executive Board after Reconciliation’s leader leaves the Government.

Compromís convened the National Executive Committee this afternoon; It was a destined meeting to be transcendent, as Oltra was expected to make decisions about his political future and reassure him that he would not attend that meeting so as not to condition the party. . Eventually, the meeting was suspended, and the vice-chairman surprisingly appeared at the party’s headquarters in Valencia. There, he appeared in front of the media to announce his decision to step back. He did this without prior notice to the president of Consel, whom he had sent to him in public. The Valencian leader relinquishes his corporate positions and He also resigned from his position as deputy. At the Valencian Courts.

Oltra’s accusation sparked a political quake, which also had variants at the state level in the regional scenario. Last Thursday, TSJ issued the order that the Consell Vice President was summoned to testify as an investigator on July 6. Since then, political and media pressure has only increased. To the point where the head of the Generalitat warned on Monday that the situation was starting to become unsustainable and warned Compomís that he needed to make decisions this week. Oltra was particularly critical of Puig during his appearance today and made sure that he never expected the president to withdraw his support once the indictment was approved.

As he said on Saturday, he tearfully reiterated that this is a political issue, not a personal issue, and apologized for this decision because he stated that he was always in politics to defend the most vulnerable and that he was in politics to defend these issues. no shield now.

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