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“In response to the Ukrainian offensive in the Black Sea”. Russian Armed Forces hit a military airfield near Odessa


The reaction of the Russian army APU attack Mining platforms in the Black Sea were attacked by arsenals with Ukrainian weapons, military equipment and drones. On Tuesday, June 21, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation informed about this.

“Onyx cruise missiles at the Shkolny military airfield in the Odessa region destroyed hangars with Ukrainian Bayraktar-TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles detected by Russian reconnaissance equipment,” said the department’s report.

The ministry added that two detachments of 155-millimeter American M-777 howitzers were destroyed on Kubansky Island. Also, Russian aviation destroyed two launchers of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system in the Ochakov and Tuzla regions of the Odessa region. DEA News”.

Operation near Snake Island

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ukraine decided to attack the gas platforms with attack drones after it failed once again in capturing Serpents’ Island.

“On June 20, at around 05:00, the Kyiv regime made another crazy attempt to seize the Snake Island. The operational plan of the Kyiv regime provided for large air and artillery strikes on the island, followed by a landing and its capture, ”the statement said.

More than 15 reconnaissance and attack aircraft participated in the raid, and the Russian Ministry of Defense was guided by two Bayraktars, adding that the US Air Force’s Global Hawk strategic reconnaissance aircraft RQ-4 was in the airspace at high altitudes.

“The cover was provided by S-300 anti-aircraft systems from combat positions in the Tuzla and Ochakov area. Rocket and artillery attacks on Zmeiny Island were carried out with Tochka-U ballistic missiles, Uragan multiple launch rocket systems and M-777 155 millimeter howitzers.

The Russian anti-aircraft missile and weapon system “Pantsir” and the anti-aircraft missile system “Tor” destroyed all weapons fired at Zmeiny Island, 13 unmanned aerial vehicles, four Tochka-U missiles and 21 Uragan MLRS shells were shot down in the air. at the Ministry of Defense.

Attacks on drilling platforms

As reported the day before, on June 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out three attacks on three drilling platforms of Chornomorneftegaz located in the Odessa field. There were 109 people in the towers at that time. On Tuesday, Crimean authorities said not everyone was saved.

Three injured were taken to Simferopol hospital. Crimean leader Sergei Aksyonov said that 7 more people are considered missing, their families will receive compensation of 6.5 million rubles.

In response, Sergei Tsekov, a member of the Federation Council Committee on International Relations, emphasized that the attacks on drilling rigs damage the environment throughout the Black Sea and in all countries in the Black Sea region. Ukraine urged not to ignore what happened, as in the case of the spread of ship mines in the sea zone.

According to the latest UN data, casualties among Ukraine’s civilian population amounted to 4569 killed, 304 of whom were children. 5691 people, 467 of them children, were injured.

On June 21, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Onyx missiles hit the Shkolny military airfield near Odessa. The Ministry said that the hangars were destroyed by Ukrainian drones “Bayraktar-TB2”, which was detected by Russian reconnaissance equipment.

Source: Gazeta



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