France confirms ban on hijab swimwear “for hygiene and safety reasons”

The French Council of State, the highest body responsible for administrative disputes, said on Tuesday, Ban on wearing hijab swimwear in public swimming pools in Grenoble, for “hygiene and safety reasons” and “posing a threat to the principle of impartiality of public services”.

Council of State judges ruled after an appeal from Grenoble City Council, which resorted to this example to lift the ban issued by an administrative court in May.

“Article 1 of the Constitution prohibits religious beliefs from overriding established common rulesThe statements of the judges, who supported the decision on “hygiene and security grounds” and were considered “a threat to the principle of impartiality of public services”, were used.

Amid the controversy over the use of the burkini, the body took a different position than in 2016, when it revoked several municipal orders banning this Islamic dress on beaches, believing that freedom could not be restricted on the grounds that it was prohibited. Unless proven, the public is under threat.

In May, Grenoble City Council, led by ecologist mayor Éric Piolle, authorized the use of hijab swimwear in municipal swimming pools, from ankle to head.

But before the complaint of the governor of Isère (delegate of the departmental Government), the Grenoble Administrative Court decided to suspend the measure.

The decision of the Council of State was as follows: He was applauded by Interior Minister Gérard Darmanin from the far right wing of his government. Emmanuel Macron.

“The sectarianism of Grenoble mayor Éric Piolle has been condemned by the Council of State (…) A victory for separatism, secularism and law in the extension of the entire Republic,” the minister said. from Twitter.

Source: Informacion


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