Surely you have seen this plant in many homes. about a thick stem with long green leaves Does the bell ring at the top? yes we are talking about alder or maybe you know him by another of his many names: water rod, Brazilian trunk, water body or Tree of Happiness.


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This tropical plant is valuable, so it is widely used to decorate the rooms of many homes, both indoors and outdoors, in pots. But it’s not just used for that, because Brazilwood has the ability absorb moisture of the environment, so it is very beneficial for your home. Also, as we mentioned, according to Feng Shui, they call it the Tree of Happiness, as it brings good luck to those who are embarking on a new path in life, whether emotional or professional. Therefore, it can be a great housewarming gift for someone starting a business or moving house.

Brazilian Tree Characteristics

This peculiar trunk is of African origin and dracaena scents. It has long dark green leaves with yellow and lime green stripes. They are perennials so you can enjoy them for several years. The trunk is thick and brown.

can measure about two meters and ideal for those who don’t “have a lot of hands” with plants as it is very easy to care for and very hardy.

brazil tree care

If you want to enjoy this plant in your home, you must find a place. It doesn’t get direct sun but gets plenty of natural light. The sun can burn the leaves and they will turn brown if there is not enough light. Temperature is also important, as it does not support the cold.

All the benefits that rainwater has for your plants

All the benefits that rainwater has for your plants

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It likes moisture, so be sure the ground is always wet but i’m not soaked so rWatering once every 10 days will be sufficient.. You can spray her daughters with lukewarm water two or three times a week so they have the humidity they love so much and add wet stones to the plate to maintain the humidity. If you allow this tropical plant to retain this moisture, you will ensure that its tips do not burn.

To clean its leaves, simply spray the leaves and wipe with a clean cloth to remove dust.