Mercadona launches its new online purchase in Murcia from its hive in Alicante

Mercadona just started Online service in Murcia and populations of municipalities. Molina de Segura and Santomera. Your orders are prepared and delivered to your customers. hive As the company internally searches stores for online service, the chain, headed by Juan Roig, recently launched Alicante.

All customers in these areas new website and mobile application, being able to find products in a much more intuitive way, through categories or search engine. The customer has photos of each product and all relevant information.

This new model same rate from the previous service (€7.21 per order) and extends the usage time Delivery times are between 07:00 – 22:00. Monday to Saturday in 2-hour increments from the day after placing the order. In addition, the customer can make changes to his purchase until the night of the day before delivery.

One of the hive to be served to these populations area of ​​10,000 square meters2,200 meters are for fresh produce, including cold storage for chilled and frozen products as described by the chain. Online customers can find the same products as in your physical store, and fresh produce is also received and prepared the same day.

The hive in Alicante is the fourth hive opened by Mercadona, Following its commissioning in Valencia, in 2018; Barcelona’s in 2019; and Madrid, in 2020. A total of 1,600 people work at Mercadona Online. In addition, the company plans to open its fifth hive in Seville by the end of the year. Alicante facilities, 14 million €, and they will have a newly formed staff of 185, both from other areas of the firm.

Mercadona has also developed a new model for preparing and shipping orders from physical stores for areas where online sales are less concentrated. This model is currently being implemented in Castellón and Tarragona, and in the fall the company plans to expand it to Cartagena. In this way, customers in that region will also be able to make purchases from the new application and website and enjoy all the advantages of the new online service.

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