Salad time and tomatoes It is one of the items that is usually not missing in most pantries. if you want to be yourself herb tomatoes Y pick your own fruits We’ll give you some basic tips. growing tomatoes in vase.


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How to plant potted tomatoes

Grow own tomato plant you need seeds of this plant, soil for planting and a suitable pot. The best time of year to plant these seeds is the beginning of spring, when temperatures are already starting to warm up, as this plant does not withstand temperatures below 10 or 11 degrees when growing.

How to plant tomatoes in a pot? pixabay

To plant the seeds, you should leave a gap of at least 5 centimeters between them so that their roots can develop smoothly. Then tamp the soil lightly and put some more soil on top. Press again and water abundantly. Then put a transparent film on the pot and put it somewhere. receives sunlight. Now all that remains is to wait for the plants to start sprouting by watering them. The soil is always moist.

When to transplant tomato plants

When tomato plants are a few inches tall, put them in a one cap. Before doing this, water the plant well so it’s easier to get it out of the pot without breaking the roots. Place each of the plants in a separate pot with some soil and make sure the entire stem that has grown before remains in the pot. Water abundantly and continue to leave in the sun.

The care the tomato plant needs

With a simple care, you can ensure the healthy and strong growth of the tomato plant.

This is how you should plant tomatoes pixabay

Watering is one of the main care this plant needs. you belong water regularly, especially during the warmer months and always keep the soil moist. It is also important that you prevent its roots from flooding.

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Tomatoes need a lot of sun to thrive, so you should put the pot in the pot. terrace or balconywhere they can get direct sunlight. In the summer, you can protect them during the strongest sun hours. In addition, it should be protected from the wind and should not be placed in places with excessive wind.