Scientists have discovered a mechanism for clearing waste from the brain, which could improve dementia treatment Nature: rhythmic production of impulses is responsible for clearing waste from the brain 21:14

During sleep, brain cells produce electrical impulses that create waves (rhythms). According to a published study, coordinating individual cells to produce these waves helps clear waste in the brain. Nature to work.

The brain performs complex tasks that require a lot of energy. During metabolism, its production is accompanied by the release of many waste products. Scientists knew that purification from them occurred in a dream, but they did not know exactly how it happened.

By examining the brains of sleeping mice, biologists discovered that neurons come together in a coordinated manner to produce electrical signals. This improved the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and with it the elimination of waste. The nature of the electrical signals (e.g. amplitude) varied depending on the sleep phase.

The discovery highlights the importance of healthy sleep and opens new avenues for developing drugs for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, which are partly linked to waste accumulation. Medications that alter the brain’s sleep rhythms may help delay or reverse these conditions.

Previous scientists I learnedIt turns out that stimulating the brain’s gamma rhythm with light and sound improves the brain’s elimination of waste in people with dementia.

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Source: Gazeta


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