Petrenko talked about alimony debts 21:32

Actor Igor Petrenko spoke about alimony debts in a new interview. HE I was a guest The program “So Said” broadcast on the RuTube platform.

The actor said that rumors that his wife Kristina Brodskaya had to sell her personal belongings in order to have money for the family are ridiculous. Despite the trial, he said he maintained contact with Ekaterina Klimova, the mother of his two sons.

“I have a debt, it has not been paid yet. “I’m slowly closing it,” he said.

He also assured them that he would stay in touch with the children and be involved in their lives.

“No one is hiding at all. “We will solve the problem, don’t worry,” says 46-year-old Petrenko, who has no doubts about this.

In an interview with Petrenko Paragraph the other day acceptedThe actor does not understand why Alexey Panin “turned into a freak.” He admitted that the artist could “knock his knees out” even if they starred in the same projects, but Panin’s antics never amounted to that much.

Lev Zulkarnaev, formerly the star of the series “A Child’s Promise” said about alcohol-related problems.

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Source: Gazeta


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