Captured Sergeant Timko of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that the order was given to organize a terrorist attack in Kherson.

Oleksandr Timko, Sergeant Major of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who was captured by Russian soldiers, said that his commander ordered a terrorist attack on a hotel in Kherson. DEA News”.

The failed terrorist and a group of militants were detained by Russian security forces. Timko said that he was a platoon commander in the 55th separate artillery brigade – the order to organize a terrorist attack at the Stagecoach hotel was given to him by Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kolesov.

“I have received an order that the Russian army is living in the Stagecoach Hotel, and I need to proceed with the liquidation. So to speak, it is necessary to make noise and commit acts of terrorism. To understand where and what it was, I decided to explore. I walked on the street, watched the movement, the people and what was happening in the hotel in general, ”Timko said during interrogation.

According to him, instead of the Russian army, which was pointed out by intelligence, civilians from areas currently under the control of Ukraine live in the hotel – people who went to Kherson from Krivoy Rog, Nikolaev and other cities. Learning of this, Timko refused to carry out the order. After that, he started receiving death threats.

“There were 13 people with me – my subordinates. After that, a post was taken for the operation at Stagecoach, and the lieutenant colonel himself disappeared, probably fleeing,” he said.

His story was confirmed by a local resident Daria Shults, who participated in the transmission of information to the Timko group, and the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Kolesov, who was abandoned by her husband and family in Kherson. He explained that the order to attack was given after Kolesov told his superiors that a peaceful life had been established in Kherson.

“Life improves with the opening of shops and pharmacies. This angered the curators and they promised to shoot a story about murder and rape in Kherson and it was the “second Bucha”. Then he began to drink almost every day, ”said Kolesova.

Formerly he was the head of the military administration of the Kherson region. refuted information about the attack.

Source: Gazeta


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