They condemn the death of a third protester in protests in Ecuador

this protests Ecuador against the high cost of living and economic policies of the Government of President Guillermo Lasso They added their third death this ThursdayThe main supporter of this mobilization, as condemned by human rights organizations and the indigenous movement.

The Ecuadorian Alliance of Human Rights Organizations identified the deceased as 39-year-old Henry Quezada. In photos circulating on social networks, the man’s body can be seen on the ground, motionless and naked, apparently struck by a rubber bullet and a pile of pellets, and also with a protruding wound on it. forehead.

According to human rights organizations and the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), Quezada’s death occurred during the eleventh consecutive day of protests, during violent clashes between protesters and police in central Quito this Thursday. In these events, Police condemn the use of firearms by demonstrators, presenting a video of the alleged clashes that took place on social networks this Thursday, in which a group of people were seen firing shotguns while protecting the other. This security force said in a statement on social networks, “Violent protesters use firearms and attack the Police in the social protest led by the indigenous movement. We reiterate that the police do not use lethal weapons to control public order.”

El Arbolito park was once again the scene of a pitched battle, as in October 2019, when another wave of protests led by Conaie against the removal of fuel subsidies resulted in a dozen dead and nearly 1,500 at the national level. wounded.

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Discussions later intensified here. Police used tear gas to disperse a large demonstration. Meeting outside the National Assembly (Parliament) attended by Leonidas Iza, president of Conaie. In this march, the indigenous leader explained his stance on continuing without accepting the dialogue urged by various social and religious organizations, even after the government had given him access to one of his conditions for him to sit down to negotiate, namely the Casa de la Culture. establish a people’s assembly.

The protests that started on Monday, June 13, demand that fuel prices be reduced and frozen, the prices of basic products under control, state companies not privatized, and oil and mining privileges in the region not expanded. among other points.

The death recorded this Thursday was the third in four days after a young protester fell on a mountainside after he allegedly fired tear gas at a group of locals on Monday to prevent a police unit from entering Quito. The second death was recorded in the violence that took place in Puyo, the capital of Amazon’s Pastaza state, on Tuesday. ; to manipulate explosives, according to the locals and according to the police.

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