Scientists have determined that earthquakes cause great damage to forests 14:27

Scientists from the Tibetan Plateau Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences studied the impact of earthquakes on forests. They concluded that seismic tremors can seriously disrupt forest ecology, which takes decades to repair. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine Natural Geology (NatGeo).

The team analyzed data from the past 120 years on the health of forests in seven mountainous regions of the world, which account for 23% of the world’s forest cover. Experts determined the relationship between the width of tree rings and external conditions so that specific seismic effects can be detected.

Researchers have identified natural areas where significant earthquakes have occurred since the early 1900s. It turned out that the restoration of forests after earthquakes in North America, the Tibetan Plateau and New Zealand took 10-15 years.

The destructive impact of tectonic processes on forest ecosystems is associated with cracks that occur in the soil during violent shaking of the earth. The emergence of such cracks in areas with high rainfall accelerates nutrient loss and erosion. Forests in arid regions are more resistant to earthquakes.

Scientists noted that it takes about five years on average for forests to adapt to climate change, and it may take 20 years or more to recover from the effects of seismic shocks.

Previously in Russia to create The cause of man-made earthquakes.

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Source: Gazeta


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