They warn of the “very high” probability that the Mediterranean will experience a “catastrophic” tsunami in the next 30 years

chance to be there tsunami in the Mediterranean in the next thirty yearswith waves one meter high and seven hundred meters deep and their consequences “disaster”“Very high,” according to statistics collected by UNESCO.

“The probability of this happening is not 100%, but they are,” Vladimir Ryabinin, Secretary of the UNESCO Oceanographic Commission (IOC), said at a press conference on the global tidal wave warning system “Tsunami Ready”. They’re very high and we have to be prepared for that.”

Currently, there are 40 coastal regions of 21 countries recognized by UNESCO as prepared to be exposed to a tsunami; this issue will be the protagonist at the United Nations (UN) ocean summit next June 27 in Lisbon. reports Efe.

The “Tsunami Ready” initiative aims to prepare coastal communities for tsunamis in all regions of the world. When it comes to the Mediterranean region, experts warn that the tsunami risk has been underestimated by the authorities. and therefore these populations are not highly susceptible.

This EU-funded project started to be launched on the Greek island of Kos in 2020, following the minor tsunami in 2017. Now UNESCO joins the EU and wants to extend this education and conservation initiative to all surrounding coastal communities. world.

“The goal is to get 100% of coastal areas ready to experience a tsunami. Many are vulnerable areas and when faced with this threat they need to be prepared,” explained Bernardo Aliaga, IOC-UNESCO Tsunami Program Specialist.

To prepare education programs for populations’ exposure to a tsunami, a set of criteria is taken into account that assesses the risks in each area, including the socio-economic level of communities, the composition of the land or vegetation.

Aliağa emphasized the vital importance of having a family. good coordination between research communities and agencies and security and emergency agencies to provide an effective response to a tsunami.

70% of these events are caused by seismic movements, 20% by volcanic activity and the remaining 10% by meteorological events.

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