Disbands ‘clan of travelers’ after thirty robberies in Spain

this Civil Guard and Mossos d’Esquadra They disbanded the so-called ‘wanderers’ clan dedicated to committing. robberies via moon landing across SpainBoth bodies are in an operation in Vélez-Malaga that resulted in three detainees accused of thirty robberies.

Members of this group steal high-end vehicles to carry out robberies They roam around, rob malls and supermarkets, and their main purpose was cell phone stores.

The disbanded clan consisted of at least three prominent aluniceros operating on national territory and from Madrid’s Villaverde district. They have performed in Madrid, Tarragona, Lleida, Granada, Toledo, Almería and Malaga.57 of them, two Spanish and the other Moroccan, were arrested for crimes against property.

The leader of the group, known as El Bubu, was the usual driver of the vehicles. Hardened and stolen in spectacular escapes from the Security Forces.

The investigations began when the agents identified a large number of criminal acts, which consisted of attacks on shopping malls, particularly cell phone stores, using the same type of vehicle over and over.

The Civil Guard analyzed the reported theft of high-quality vehicles, which made it possible to focus investigations on this clan.

On 25 May, the group was found to have committed two robberies, one at a phone store inside a shopping mall, in Tarragona province, where they stole eighty high-end terminals worth approximately eighty days. 15.000 €.

thieves they used a goat leg which they managed to open the entrance door to the mallthen they forced the store to close, within seconds stole the goods and fled in the stolen vehicle.

The Civil Guard was informed that Mossos d’Esquadra was investigating these events, so a joint operation was launched which resulted in the arrest of the three robbers in Vélez-Málaga, where they had traveled days earlier to carry out their activities. .

In the final phase of the investigation, the group carried out several robberies in the provinces of Granada and Toledo.

Group members traveled hundreds of miles, surveying their destination before the robbery, examining their programs and security systems, and they did it at dawn and within minutes of the forced robbery. shutdowns, hijacking of a large amount of mobile devices.

Source: Informacion


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