Doctors Without Borders condemns the atrocities committed against civilians in Ukraine

‘No mercy to civilians’ Headline of latest NGO report Doctors Without Borders (MSF) leaves no room for doubt about its content. In just 16 pages, it collects testimonies of the atrocities suffered by some civilians evacuated during more than 100 days of conflict. medicalized train The war that destroyed his country, Ukraine. The stories of the wounded offer a glimpse into the Russian Army’s practices on a population where they made no distinction from civilians.

“Our patients’ wounds and the stories they tell clearly demonstrate the shocking level of pain our patients are subjected to. indiscriminate violence “This war is harming civilians,” he says. Christopher Stokes, MSF Emergency Coordinator for Ukraine. Some patients reported being injured at home. there were others attacked with heavy weapons while trying to move to safer areas. As for the target, it is clear that it is not just the army, because there is more than one 40% of injured The war that evacuated the NGO’s medicalized train the elderly and children blast injuries, traumatic amputations, shrapnel and gunshot wounds.

residential areas

This medicalized train transports patients from the nearest hospitals to the hospital. line front in the east -They are preparing to flock new injured patients to hospitals in the west of the country where they can continue their treatment. Between March 31 and June 6, 653 patients were transported and cared for in this service. “Many of the evacuated patients were injured in military attacks on civilian settlements. Although we cannot specifically point intent The decision to use heavy and heavy weapons in densely populated areas rather than targeting civilians means that civilians are inevitably killed and injured. And that is already known,” says Stokes.

The vast majority of the injured evacuated were injured. blast injuries. Of the patients with war-related injuries, 11% were under the age of 18 and 30% were over the age of 60. Report, 10% of these patients they had lost one or more limbs, the youngest of whom was only six years old.

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