Gema becomes the twentieth fatality victim of gender-based violence in 2022

summoned gemShe was 43 years old and had a 10-year-old daughter. Last Monday, her partner – Count Atares and Perijá Marquis – killed her and a 70-year-old friend at her home in Madrid and later committed suicide. cannot be prosecuted for his actions.

The Government Delegation Against Gender-Based Violence, this Wednesday, marks the twentieth anniversary of 2022 and 1150 since statistics of intimate femicides began to be compiled in 2003.

The murdered friend, whose identity has not been revealed, will not be included in this statistic, but will be listed as a femicide victim in the larger list prepared by the Ministry of Equality and for which the first data will be given in July.

There were no previous complaints of gender-based violence against the aggressor Fernando González de Castejón, but in 2018 arrested for ill-treatment When his wife witnessed the attack on the street, the police intervened ex officio. The victim refused to accuse and testify against him.

The man was indicted by his mother and sister in 2009, and justice ordered a restraining order on him. He had a window in his house firearms -although not licensed- knives, automatic knives, shotguns, bows and arrows.

As a result of Gema’s murder, 10-year-old girl orphaned. Since 2013, a total of 19 children lost their mothers this year, 356 of them due to sexist violence.

The Head of Government condemned that despite the evidence of the murders, there are still people who reject gender-based violence.

“There is no nuance: we have one of the most serious problems and the pressing problems of our society, and we can only stop this with determination and unity.”

Equality Minister Irene Montero stressed that the daughter of the murdered woman was also a direct victim of sexist violence, and therefore “all resources for compensation and support should be available to her and her family”.

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this 016 It helps victims of all forms of violence against women. It is a free and confidential phone that provides service in 53 languages ​​and does not leave a mark on the bill. Information is also provided via e-mail. Counseling and psychosocial care via WhatsApp number 600,000,016. In addition, minors can contact the ANAR phone. 900202010. All resources against gender-based violence.

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