Iberdrola sends all his energy to the Spanish Women’s Football Team before the European Championship

President of Iberdrola, Ignacio GalanAccompanied by the British Ambassador Hugh Elliott, the meeting welcomed the invited players. Previous concentration to represent Spain at Eurocopa 2022, The person to whom he gave all his support and effort for this important competition that will start on July 6th.

At the meeting – held under the slogan we are with you To England to fulfill a dream! Accompanied by national coach Jorge Vilda and his technical team, Galán encouraged his national team members to overcome all challenges through the values ​​they shared with Iberdrola: teamwork, perseverance, sacrifice and the desire to excel. .

Galan reminded the players of the important role they play in building an egalitarian society, consolidated as a sports reference for many young women and girls, where they are an awe-inspiring mirror to look at, and that the team will provide “Some great moments of football” thanks to all the energy, enthusiasm and strength he showed.

In line with its commitment to equal opportunities and the empowerment of women, The company supports 32 Spanish federations, including the Royal Spanish Football Federation, with which it has been collaborating since 2016.

Iberdrola is the main sponsor of the Absolute National Women’s Football Team and the Women’s Football First Division. First Iberdrola – as well as Second Division, Challenge Iberdrola. In addition, he is the main sponsor of the Under-19 and Under-17 teams, as well as the Copa de La Reina-Iberdrola.

Iberdrola, a pioneer in promoting sport practiced by women

The promotion of sports by women has become a key lever for Iberdrola and for promoting one of its core values, true equality between men and women. In 2016, Iberdrola became the first company to make a solid, global commitment to equality and women’s empowerment through sport.

Currently, the company supports 32 federations: gymnastics, triathlon, rugby, canoeing, badminton, Football, handball, volleyball, hockey, table tennis, athletics, karate, boxing, surfing, ice sports, fencing, underwater activities, bowling, winter sports, weightlifting, judo, Olympic wrestling, mountain and climbing, swimming, skating, pelota, rowing, squash, taekwondo, tennis, archery and sailing, which means supporting two in three federated women in Spain. Likewise, it lists 32 leagues and 100 other competitions, all in the highest category. name right.

Reducing the gender gap in sports commitment to women’s equality through excellence and it becomes an important reference to indicate that the path from physical activity and sports practices at all levels of the education system to federated and high-performance sports for girls is possible for them too.

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