Doctors listed the causes of low body temperature as MMC: The cause of low body temperature may be diabetes and anemia 00:01

A drop in body temperature below 35.8° can occur with diabetes, anemia, thyroid disorders and other diseases. The chief physician of the MMC clinic, general practitioner, cardiologist, candidate of medical sciences talked about this. Dmitry Aleksandrovich Dolgushev and general practitioner, pulmonologist “MMC” Yulia Mikhailovna Zakieva telegram channel.

Normal human body temperature can range from 35.5 to 37.4°C. A temperature below 35.8° is considered low. Among the diseases that can cause a decrease in temperature: anemia (decreased hemoglobin), diabetes or low blood sugar concentration, hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid hormones), adrenal insufficiency, asthenic syndrome. Disruption of the thermoregulation center (hypothalamus) in the brain occurs with depression, viral infections, poisoning and trauma. Some medications, including antipsychotics, sleeping pills, and blood pressure medications, can also reduce fever.

Prerequisites for a decrease in temperature are loss of consciousness, injury, prolonged immobility, hypoglycemia, convulsions, paralysis, intoxication, severe inflammation.

A low body temperature may be normal for people over 65 because they move less and have a lower metabolic rate. However, only a doctor can evaluate whether such a temperature threatens the health and life of the patient.

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