Feminists collected more than 1,500 signatures to withdraw ‘Zorra’ representing Spain at Eurovision 2024

Women’s associations and groups of the Madrid Feminist Movement (MFM) came together. More than 1,500 signatures ‘to ask for withdrawal’Bitch‘ is the song by Alicante duo Nebulossa, representing Spain after winning their third Eurovision Song Contest. Benidorm Festival.

This was announced by the Movement this Monday and once again “echoing complaint” According to him “before the song that undoubtedly represents something It is a sexist insult and trivializes violence against women.

In this regard, it was alleged that more than 1,500 responses were collected through the online form in support of his written complaint. The document was published on 5 February and sent to the Women’s Institute’s Women’s Image Observatory, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the RTVE Audience Ombudsman and the RTVE Equality Observatory.

The Women’s Institute received a total of 491 complaints through the Observatory, social networks and telephone by Monday, February 12, sources from the organization directed by Isabel García told Europa Press.

As the Madrid Feminist Movement puts it, “awaiting response to your communications.” and the signature collection form will remain open for future updates of support received.

On the other hand, feminists emphasized that this issue created “a lot of anger and complaints” in women and women’s associations in Madrid, Catalonia and other regions in Spain, adding that it led to the resignation of RTVE. Equality delegate Montserrat Boix.

“The famous journalist said: do not assume this position of the public organization and asked for forgiveness from the victims of sexist violence,” said the Madrid Feminist Movement, emphasizing that it considered its “solidarity” with Montserrat Boix as a “feminist gesture of consistency and dignity.”

Likewise, he believes that the official translation of the composition’s title and lyrics into other languages ​​”sweetens” its message. Specifically, he explained that in the English version, the word ‘vixen’ is translated as ‘Vixen’, as in “vixen meaning prostitute (RAE) – rather than the more insulting terms in the original language.” ‘Bitch’, ‘Slut’ or ‘Whore'”.

Madrid Feminist Movement said, “We reiterate the demand for the withdrawal of the song, the insistent call for respect for women and the responsibility of public institutions in the fight against verbal and all forms of violence against women.”

EBU approved the letter

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) confirmed it last Monday. ‘Zorra’ song “appropriate”“There are many interpretations of the title of the song RTVE submitted to represent Spain in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.”

The EBU concluded that the winning song at Benidorm Fest was “eligible for entry into this year’s competition”, “considering the song’s intended use in the context of its lyrics and message, as RTVE explained to us”. “The staging of the song in May will be decided at a later date with the producers, as well as all participants.“, concluded the organization consulted by Europa Press.

RTVE’s Director of Communications and Engagement, María Eizaguirre, spoke in the same vein, stating that the definition of ‘Bitch’ is “very clear” in the RAE dictionary, so the lyrics are “fully compliant with current regulations”. EBU.

In the ‘values ​​and integrity’ section of its regulations, the European body states that broadcasters participating in Eurovision “will at all times respect the values ​​of the EBU and ESC and take all necessary measures to protect the integrity”. from the television show. Likewise, he insists that it must be ensured that “no contestant, delegation or country is discriminated against and/or ridiculed in any way.”

The winner of Benidorm Fest 2024 was Nebulossa with a total of 156 points. One of its members, singer Mery Bas, defended the message of the song ‘Zorra’. “It’s very important to take this message to Europe. This is a global thing. The word ‘slut’ will start to be seen differently. People say it freely, we have completely re-interpreted it,” he said at the press conference held after the competition’s finale.

Source: Informacion


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