HE Eldense Sports Club achieved a draw against Huesca (0-0) In a game that wasn’t clear on offense but outplayed the Blaugranas. 35 points after 26 days and allows us to climb one more step towards salvation. Inside shoe city They are passionate about seeing the kids have a good season. Fernando Estevez inside Second divisionbut, as those around the club say, without ceasing to be cautious.

And we must not lose perspective on what the team has achieved. Half Vinalopó While Huesca has been working shoulder to shoulder with the best national football teams of the First League this year since five years ago. than hand It managed to survive sportingly and economically in the Third League. At that time, a draw in Elda was celebrated in style, whereas last Saturday it seemed inadequate for many.

And it’s no wonder people are excited about it ‘your sports car’A template was created that proved to be Capable of competing against any team in any scenario, no matter how big. This situation is also reflected in the ranking table; They sit in thirteenth place with 35 points, seven clear of relegation, with eight wins, eleven draws and seven defeats as a team (together). Levante and Oviedo) The team with the most draws in the Second League.

These are the numbers that will provide salvation if this trend continues, because there are 15 points left to reach 50 points and these are the points the club has scored. With these numbers, For Eldense to achieve its big goal, it will be enough to add 32% of the 48 points to be played in the remaining 16 matches. It will continue in the second category of Spanish football.

Played in 26 days LaLiga Hypermotiontraining team Fernando Estevez He added 45 percent of the points in question, meaning if he maintains that scoring average over the remaining three and a half months of the competition, he will gain one point. stay loose.

Eldense hasn’t lost since last December 2nd when you fall into Nuevo Pepico Amat vs Tenerife (0-3), is definitely his next rival. The match will be played in the stadium Helidoro Rodríguez López The islanders will face two teams that have had contrasting dynamics since their meeting in the first round and the islanders have not won since last December 11. (1-0 to Alcorcon).

Yellow fever

for duel next Monday (20:30)Eldense will travel with losses confirmed by sanctions Mo Dauda And Jesus ClementeThe card will complete its cycle.

The striker is fully loaned from Tenerife He will not be able to go to the island after playing for Barça against Huesca. He has now accumulated four matches in the Eldense ranks and has plenty of room for improvement in terms of scoring involvement.

on your behalf Clemente will not travel with other teammates after receiving a scolding from the bench last saturday. The Extremaduran was unable to take part in the first race due to a back problem he suffered after the long journey to Oviedo.

Eldense players applauded their fans before their match against Oviedo last Saturday AXEL ALVAREZ

The truth is that Darío Dumic returning as a centre-back after being sent off at Oviedo. They continue in the infirmary Florin Andone, youth And Mario Soberonbut one of the three is expected to put their heads down in the next game as they will return to training on Wednesday, depending on how they improve throughout the week.

The good news for Eldense ahead of the Tenerife match is that the men are just as important Ángel Rodríguez and Luismi Cruz They will not be available. The striker was punished with a red card in the last match. Villareal BThe winger will see the fifth yellow card of the course and prevent Elda from opposing his team.