Electricity rose to 282.12 euros this Wednesday

this electric this Wednesday it will increase by 4% to 282.12 euro megawatt hours (MWh), gas ceiling adjustment to be paid by the beneficiaries according to the results of the auction held in the wholesale market or “pool” and to compensate the plants using this raw material.

Considering these levels, It will be about 14 euros cheaper than the 296.19 euros that MWh will be paid No limit on gas price for electricity generation in the first week of the Iberian Peninsula.

This Wednesday will be the highest price since March 11 when it was marked at 284.58 euro/MWh. higher than the application of the gas cap.

Since the implementation of this mechanism in the “pool” auction, which determines a portion of the price that consumers will pay with rates indexed to the wholesale market last Tuesday, an average price of 243.86 euro/MWh has been recorded in electricity. .

without cover, its value in this period will be around 274.5 euro/MWh.about 31 Euros more, a technology that increases the price by using gas, as a result of the increase in electricity demand due to the intense heat wave that the country was experiencing in those days and which increased the performance of combined cycle power plants.

In addition to the geopolitical tensions with Russia, some experts believe that the market is conditioned by a fact associated with the nature of the mechanism, which, in turn, is that the fall in electricity prices in Spain has led to increased exports to Russia. France..

According to the electricity employers association Aelec, since the gas price cap went into effect, imports from France have completely disappeared, a trend they believe will continue, since last June 15 the entire hour appeal “pool” is the cheapest in the Iberian market. .

At the international level, the Swedish Energy Agency this Tuesday announced a preemptive warning of possible disruptions in natural gas supply, in response to a similar measure announced by the Danish authorities after reduced shipments of Russian gas to Northern Europe. Stream 1 pipeline.

Likewise, it was learned that the Russian natural gas consortium Gazprom paused the pumping of the TurkStream natural gas pipeline, from which it supplies fuel to Turkey and many countries in southern Europe, for a week due to “maintenance works”.

In this content, most electric Continuing at high levels in the Old Continentespecially in France, where MWh will be at 383.14 euros tomorrow and peaks above 400 euros for most of the day.

In Italy, on average, 368.07 Euros will be paid; €323.34 in Germany and £202.43 in the United Kingdom (approximately €236 in exchange rate).

Portugal, which also has a cap on natural gas thanks to what’s known as the “Iberian exception,” will share the market so the price will be the same as in Spain.

Auction and setup

Considering the results of the wholesale market auction, which has so far determined the next-day price, electricity will increase by 3.2% to EUR 152.75/MWh compared to EUR 148.03 marked for the first day. summer.

According to time zones, the maximum will be recorded between 22:00 and 23:00 when payable at 195.66 Euro/MWh, a minimum of 132.66 euro/MWh will be between 18:00 and 19:00.

However, these amounts have to be added to the cost of adjusting the gas power plants, which vary depending on the volume required and price of the system and is passed on to the households and beneficiary companies.

The average correction for these consumers for tomorrow will be 129.37 euro/MWh.

If you already apply these data, which the Iberian Electricity Market Operator (OMIE) publishes within an hour of setting the “pool” price, the MWh will become 4.42% more expensive compared to 270.17 Euros including cost adjustment. – it’s Tuesday.

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