‘Intimacy’ (Netflix): What would you do if a sexual video of you was leaked online?

In the age of technology, the fine line separating privacy from public space is getting thinner. Networks make life easier, but expose us more to private image leaks, as shown. ‘Privacy’, Netflix’s new Spanish series, which aired on the platform on Friday, June 10 and rose to number 1 among the most watched on the platform as a result of the Santi Millán scandal.

The fiction offers an interesting and necessary reflection on the subject (and on sexism, sisterhood, and female empowerment) through the stories of several women who saw how their existence was turned upside down when they spread. your sexual videos without your consent. Their careers will be affected and their families will be collateral victims.

One of the achievements of ‘Intimacy’ (and there are several) is to make it clear from the beginning that anyone can suffer from a condition similar to that of the protagonists. One of those affected is a prominent person, as he is a politician with a promising career (Malen was played by the actress in ‘La casa de papel’). Itziar Ituno), but another is Ane (Verónica Echegui), employee of a factory. Violation of privacy is therefore experienced in different ways by various characters, and they handle the case in very different ways.

“It’s not just the big scandal. Sometimes it happens in a more common relationship. You have to see what you show, what you don’t show, or what people might know about you,” she explains. Laura Sarmiento (‘Matadero’, ‘La zona’), with the series creator veronica fernandez (‘Hache’, ‘Charon’). While developing ‘Intimacy’, both were looking for “the story of women facing challenges together despite their differences”.

guilt and shame

guilt and shame They’ve been hovering over the heroes since their videos were released. And these feelings, as fiction shows, “can lead you to inaction or to judge yourself worse than the person who hurt you,” stresses Sarmiento, writing from her own author, who doesn’t accept ‘Intimacy’ as a ‘feminist manifesto’. from a women’s perspective and the “idea of ​​equal rights”.

Because, as the protagonist Itziar Ituño recalls, “attacks on privacy in women’s networks are far more bloody. And who else, the least of us, has suffered from them so far.” The data supports this. According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Interior for 2019, 86% of victims of sexual harassment due to cybercrime are women.

Other powerful characters in ‘Intimacy’ interpret them Patricia Lopez Arnaiz, Anne Bet, Emma Suarez Y Yune Nogueiras. First, as Ane’s sister, who committed suicide as a result of her video being leaked. “My role is somewhat based on real experiences. The theme of guilt is something that happens a lot in the relatives of people who commit suicide,” recalls the actress, saying that the most interesting thing about this show was that it “didn’t point out.” uncle who started all this, but seeing how the rest of us participate and generate this violence from our little trials. Not clicking when the video arrives can change a lot”.

Bilbao’s role

Meanwhile, Wagener plays a police officer who deals with privacy violation cases; Suárez is Mamen’s mentor and the leading politician’s teenage daughter, Nogueiras, who is running for mayor. Bilbaoa city that is ubiquitous in the series Basque dialogues.

“Bilbao is the perfect size for a story that talks about the spread of a rumor. Because it’s a cosmopolitan city, it’s at the forefront. But it also makes a character feel more trapped in rumors than in a big city, where it’s easier to go unnoticed,” explains the creator and justifies the writer.

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