this Tokyo Olympics They are a 1.42 billion yen final cost (12,310 million euros), one jumped from the initial budget proposed by the organizers mainly due to the impact of the pandemic.

The official figure for the cost of Tokyo 2020 was announced this Tuesday at the last meeting of the organizing committee’s board before the dissolution, held in the Japanese capital.

final budget Includes costs incurred from postponing the Games from the originally scheduled date.summer 2020, until one year later Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the preventive health measures.

Tokyo Games made in a balloon format that imposes unprecedented restrictions on athletes and other participantsno spectators in the stands, such as technical teams, national committee representatives or journalists, and at the discretion of the Japanese authorities.

No one had ever experienced a Game like this before.neither the organizers nor the International Olympic Committee” stressed this Tuesday Seiko Hashimoto, chairman of the organizing committeeat a press conference.

Hashimoto also highlighted the Games. They “wouldn’t have caught” if it wasn’t for “hard decisions and joint efforts” He said the organizers had to take measures to protect the health of athletes and citizens, or the absence of spectators in the stands, mentioning border restrictions.

Before the celebration of the Games, Japan covid-19 infection wave organizers and Japanese Executive questioning their viability due to the risk of contamination It causes even greater circulation of the virus among athletes or the local population and the budget increase they bring.

this previous version of the budgetsince last December, 13.6 billion dollars (EUR 12,872 million) and already included an estimate of the extra costs from rescheduling the event.

this slight decrease from previous forecast This has been achieved thanks to the savings and simplification measures implemented by the organizers. reduce the number of foreign participants -not counting the athletes- and their special events anyone cuts to gyms and other facilities.

of the final cost from games, most were provided by the central executive and the Tokyo government.duration IOC injected $800 million (757 million euros) and most sponsors contributed approximately $3.9 billion (3,692 million euros).

Japan had calculated the cost of the Games at approximately $7,000 million (EUR 6,625 million) in 2013, when Tokyo was selected as the Olympic venue for 2020 ahead of the other applicants Madrid and Istanbul.

Despite all the challenges Tokyo 2020 is facing, the organizing committee chair will be remembered for “for their contribution to achieving a more sustainable, cohesive, more diverse and more inclusive society” in the future..

He also hoped that Tokyo’s experience in dealing with exceptional situations, such as a global health crisis, would be “beneficial to other Olympic venues” in the future and make the Games “more sustainable”.