Russian leaders created an educational project for schoolchildren in Donbass and Ukraine

Nikita Kazbek and Evgeny Demensky, winner and super-finalist of the “Russia’s Leaders” contest, the presidential platform “Russia is the Land of Opportunities”, launched the #WeLearnTogether project. The aim is to help schoolchildren who find themselves in a difficult life situation to maintain the opportunity to acquire knowledge on an equal basis with other children.

The winner of the “Leaders of Russia” competition, head of the youth government of the Rostov region Nikita Kazbek, notes that students often have difficulty mastering the school curriculum, and it is very important to have someone nearby who can help with homework, tests, exam preparation and OGE.

Kazbek believes that in connection with the aggravation of the situation in the territory of the Donbass republics and the conduct of a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, every effort should be made to ensure that children have equal educational opportunities. He emphasizes that children from Donbass and Ukraine especially need support today.

“Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, we must do everything to make the future of children as bright and progressive as possible,” said the winner of the Leaders of Russia competition.

Anyone who is ready for free help in mastering the school curriculum, preparing for exams or just giving advice is invited to join the #WeTogetherLearning project: teachers, tutors, training centers and all interested people.

According to the creators of the project, today more than 240 people from different regions of Russia and other countries participated in the number of volunteer trainers.

According to the competition’s super-finalist Evgeniy Demensky, the project received support from around the world and received responses from volunteers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Canada, England, Belgium and Ecuador.

“More than 40 students received assistance from teachers in requesting more than 70 free lessons in Russian language and literature, mathematics, English, history, social studies, chemistry, biology, physics and other subjects,” he said.

The creators of the project state that all lessons are held online. On the website we work together.rf you can register as a volunteer and schoolchildren can apply for training in a particular subject.

It was stated that the project was organized as part of the Dobro track of the Mentoring program of the Senezh management workshop, supported by the government of the Rostov region and the Youth government of the Rostov region.

Source: Gazeta


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