Electric cars already pay for themselves in just seven years

Gasoline price continues to climb into the stratosphere and no one dares to say when this trend will stop. Currently already exceeding two euros per liter and likely to reach 2.5 euros in a short time, electric cars appears in the minds of many as a solution to this economic gap. But the question is: Given the high prices of these cars, do you financially recoup your purchase? The answer is definitely yes. These cars (unless they are very high end models) amortized over seven or eight yearsand from that moment it can be said that the owner drove the car almost for free.

Let’s go piece by piece. Taking a particular mid-range model, such as the Peugeot e-2008 (mid-small SUV), for example, the figures show that the investment in its purchase is compensated by the fact that 7 years later it does not have to be purchased. buy gasoline.

Assuming it is the first-hand and cheapest version of the vehicle, it has a price tag of around 29,000 Euros after discounting. 7,500 euros awarded by the government through the Moves plan. It should be noted that this subsidy will appear as income on the income statement and will affect the final balance, but it still represents a significant contribution.

A Peugeot e2008 with calculations on it peugeot

Suppose a user who spends 40 liters of gasoline per liter at a price of 2 euros (currently exceeded) per liter will spend 320 euros per month or 3,840 euros per year.

On the other hand, if we charge our electric car at home in a regular outlet (one of the slower ones), it will consume. less than 150 euros per year in light. As we can see, the difference with 3,840 euros for petrol is huge. Even many general electric chargers are free, though there are some that are more expensive than the ones you charge at home.

Other advantages of an electric

Regardless, and given that the annual overhaul costs of an electric motor are significantly lower than that of a conventional motor, they almost fail (have much less parts), pay less for the Roaming Tax, and in many cities they don’t pay the ORA region for regulated parkingthe fact is that our electric car will not cost much more than the purchase of the vehicle itself.

In this way and when we take into account the annual expenditure on gasoline, we see that. €29,000 of the purchase was amortized in almost exactly seven years. It can be less if more kilometers are driven than calculated for a consumption of 40 liters per week, and a little more if you choose a higher-priced, higher-quality car. If you choose a fast charger at home, you can extend the payback period a little longer.

In summary, it should be noted that the price of a car is not only the PVP of the vehicle itself, but we must always add the cost of fuel over its lifetime. The sum of both factors will give us the actual price of the vehicle.

Electric ones are already saving money KIA

As expert Javier Costas Franco points out on the forococheselectricos.com portal, perhaps the best time to buy an electric car is now, because in reality Price may continue to rise as ingredient crisis prolongs He said the industry has been dragging for months.

“Electric car prices are rising due to post-pandemic inflationary pressure, so delayed purchasing decisions can lead to higher spending. When will prices drop again? This question is hard to answer, some will say by 2025, manufacturers will say when supply increases in volume, others will say later, ”Costas advises that you ask for a place in line to reserve your car now.

“TO If a new one isn’t right for you, go to the used market and if you don’t trust it, buy a second-hand one guaranteed by the manufacturer.some have years of warranty up front, and 50,000km in an electric car isn’t as important as in a SIMCA like your grandfather’s,” he adds.

And as he himself stated, in case of doubt, “to see more clearly you can expect to see 3 euros per liter”. In short, “park your doubts”.


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