With the good weather coming, we start cooking outside and having a good time with family and friends for lunch or dinner. If you’re one of the barbecue pros or just an amateur, you may not be familiar with the latest fashions in: kamado.


  • Lidl pans that run out every minute and are worth less than 5 Euros

It is a type of wood or charcoal oven of Japanese origin, meaning “kitchen place”. Kamado is made of clay or porcelain and with it you can cook, smoke and heat a room.

They have their own version on Lidl. kamadoA compact ceramic barbecue that is ideal for high temperature smoking, cooking, grilling and steaming of food as they can reach temperatures between 110 and 370ºC with uniform and long-term heat emission.

There is a ventilation regulator on the cast cover and it draws attention with its easy use with the ventilation slide on the stainless steel barbecue. It also has a folding cover with elastic support, a durable felt gasket and a thick wooden handle.

According to the Lidl website, it has an inner cover for the cooking chamber and a high-quality ceramic brazier with optimum heat accumulation.

The integrated thermometer has a graduated scale and has three cooking levels: smoking, baking, grilling and roasting. It has a diameter of 26.5 centimeters and a coal capacity of 0.6 kilos. Its price is 129.99 Euros.

Kamado Lidl, the new ceramic barbecue LIDL

More barbecues at Lidl

If this Japanese option does not convince you, you have more barbecue models at Lidl that are ideal for any time or occasion, as well as depending on your budget.

If you’re looking for something more powerful and bigger, you have a gas barbecue with five flames and four cooking zones. You can cook with it at low to extremely high temperatures (up to 800ºC). its price 399.99 €.

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For those who prefer a traditional charcoal brazier, there is a brazier with optimum temperature regulation with four ventilation regulators, a height-adjustable charcoal tank and a folding lid. 149.99 €.

Finally, barbecues for those who do not have much space and do not want to give up this type of cooking: folding ones. There is a chrome steel one with two removable carbon handles. You can fold it completely and it is shaped like a book that takes up very little space. Cost €24.99.