The urine of thousands of Everest climbers melts a glacier

Unbelievable but true. Number of climbers who reach the top of the world each year Everest in fact, its physiological needs are accelerating the melting of the Khumbu glacier, located near the base camp. According to the authorities, trips come to urinate up to 4,000 liters per dayin addition to the use of heating systems, all of which threaten the glaciers in question.

Taranath Adhikari, director general of Nepal Tourism Department, reported that melting glaciers forced them to work. Consider moving Mount Everest Base Camp to a safer location. This melting is the result not only of climate change, but also of the large number of climbers trying to reach the top of the world each year.

For decades, climbers from all over the world have reached the summit of the world’s highest mountain at an altitude of 8,848 meters from the current base camp at an altitude of 5,364 meters.

“Glaciers are melting faster due to human activities,” Adhikari told Anadolu Agency.

Nepal government says About 60,000 people seem to pass through this camp each year, accelerating ice loss from the Khumbu Glacier. It is located above the base camp.

Base camp and glacier site BBC

Adhikari explained that locals, climbers and climatologists have informed the government that “human activity” in the base camp is causing the Khumbu glacier to “melt faster”.

“Recommended is to relocate or relocate the base camp of Mount Everest”Adhikari added that Nepal’s national mountaineering authority will submit a report to the government after the observations.

Adhikari explained that they are still in the “preliminary stages” of their planning and any decision will be made by the prime minister and his cabinet.

“Our aim is to save the glaciers, we do not want human activities to accelerate the melting of glaciersAdhikari reminded that the base camp was closed to climbers for a year in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Such human activities, for example, the heat produced by the gas used for cooking and heating food. However, the absence of toilets in the base camp forces the climbers to fulfill their physiological needs in the snow.thus contributing to the loss of profit.

The data accessed by Anadolu Agency show that approximately 325 mountaineers received permission to climb Mount Everest this year. “The number is roughly equal to the pre-pandemic level,” Adhikari said.

Mount Everest Base Camp is located in what is known as the Khumbu region, which is home to the indigenous Sherpa people.

Guides there say they expect to see avalanches and ice collapses soon.. The new base camp will be 200 to 400 meters lower in altitude and free of ice year-round.

Despite widespread common belief, climate change is not the only factor affecting this situation. The large amount of human movement that occurred in the camp also plays a role.

4,000 liters of urine per day

“For example, We found that people were urinating about 4,000 liters each day at the base camp. And the large amounts of fuels we burn there, like kerosene and gas for cooking and heating, will definitely have an impact on the glacier ice,” one of the members of the government committee examining the case told the BBC.

base camp area of ​​interest

Not everyone thinks this transfer will be effective. Kamil Rita Sherpa, who crowned Everest the most with 26 climbs, said to Efe:it’s a stupid idea. Will moving the base camp 300 or 400 meters further protect the environment or prevent the glacier from melting? Not possible”.

“On the contrary, for foreign climbers, changing the base camp means increasing the climbing hours”, that is, “a potential danger to them”, warned the senior climber.

Instead of this transfer, Rita Sherpa proposes to force all expeditions to use bags where they can drop their waste and then empty them into suitable containers.


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