Summer comes and meals away from home begin. You can have lunch and dinner on the beach, by the pool or in the mountains and bring your own picnic. Surely you have the basics for these occasions: salad, tortilla, and breaded steak. completed with fruit, some sweet and cold drink and you are ready to spend a day with your family and friends.


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If you want to surprise them with something “different”, you can give your empanadas a different twist. crispy bread crumbs Mercadona. Its cost is a pack of 400 grams. €1,70 and cereal with breadcrumbs, which gives it a crunchy touch.

The ingredients are: breadcrumbs, water, sweet paprika, salt, yeast, sugar, turmeric and cereal. You have many videos on social networks on how to prepare this mortar to be very crunchy and at the same time get another alternative to roaming at home.

All you have to do is season the meat, put eggs, milk, salt and pepper on one plate and crispy breadcrumbs on the other plate. Take the meat on both plates and fry in hot oil. Are you more croquet? No problem, you can also use this product to make it yourself. They will be crispy and delicious.

How can you make your own crunchy breadcrumbs?

Reviews on this Mercadona product on Instagram give you the key to how to buy this product at home. You just need to buy a “regular” shredded, lifetime one and mash some cereal-type cereal. You mix it all together and you already have the extra crunch you’re looking for.

If you want another healthy option, you can store dry bread at home and grate it by hand or in a food processor. You add the chopped grains and this is another way to get this product. If you want a different touch than cereal, you can grind the kiko and it will have a saltier touch.

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