El Corte Ingles to close Alfonso el Sabio store in Alicante and relocate workers

English Court will close the young fashion store he owns on the street Alfonso, Sage of Alicante, in the process of committing to reorganize its commercial offer in different cities, as confirmed by the company. A planned shutdown during the month of august and according to the chain of stores, it will not require any layoffs, because 20 workers of the store To be moved to Maisonnave and Federico Soto headquarters.

In this sense, the company has already buyer for building, covers an area of ​​approx. 4,500 meters Although commercial activity was carried out only on the ground floor and first floor, it was distributed over five floors, two underground and three on the surface.

They explain from El Corte Inglés that the decision is part of the process undertaken all over Spain. rearrange your network, with organizations that have full offer against centers that only offer partial bids. Alfonso el Sabio’s shop specializes in this. teen fashion, with a significant weight of the Sfera brand, which completely occupied him at his birth.

As part of this process, the chain announced that one of its businesses was closed. ValenciaLocated on Calle Colón and also in La Vaguada and Parquesur shopping malls, Madrid; In addition to the one on the Gran Via de Bilbao.

aim increase efficiency At a time when e-commerce is gaining and the commercial sector is undergoing significant structural changes due to pressure that forces all operators to adapt,

The building originally occupied by El Corte Inglés on Alfonso el Sabio street in Alicante, simagoIt closed in the mid-1990s with the disappearance of the chain. The mall chain decided to buy the building to expand its operations from Avinguda de Maisonnave to this commercial artery, one of the most important streets of the state capital.

After the relevant reform, When the new store opened its doors on June 15, 2002 Under the banner of the youth fashion chain Sfera, which the company started to compete directly with other specialized brands in the youth segment, such as Zara or Springfield, then in full expansion. Years later, the company changed the organization’s name to the generic name El Corte Inglés and diversified its offering, but retaining the large weight of the Sfera brand.

The company now plans to cease operations at this location for the month of August. 20 years after its launch.

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