Montero plans to apply tax surcharge to electricity companies by early 2023

Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Monteroargued this Tuesday that’s “fair” great electricity “pay a larger share” in taxes because they got more benefits and they advocated that this tax surcharge be applied at the beginning of the next fiscal year, which will start on January 1.

In an interview on TVE, Montero agrees on the “content and purpose” of this surchargeDespite disagreeing with the details of Yolanda Díaz’s proposal to introduce a ten-point surcharge on corporate income tax – a 25% rate, which is 30% excluding banking and oil companies.

tax authorities works for this surcharge to be applied on “real performance” because “sometimes the corporate tax instrument is not the instrument that yields the greatest return”, although it has not been detailed on which tax figure will be applied.

Nor did it clarify what sort of regulation would be used to approve the measure, since “taxation cannot always be regulated by executive order or budget law”—a new tax requires a bill—it will depend on the “tool”. this is finally selected.

In every situation, stressed that the most important thing is that it can be implemented “at the beginning of the financial year” and executed “in a way that will make a really effective contribution”.

Asked about other measures that Díaz has requested again this Monday – such as a 50% discount on transport passes or a 300-euro check for vulnerable families – Montero stressed that the dialogue within the coalition government remained open and there was “nothing”. is excluded.

they are looking for “quickest and most effective” measures and in addition to the most vulnerable, they protect the middle class.

Regarding cryptocurrencies and the new annual statement their holders must submit, Montero highlighted the need to regulate this financial product to avoid “fraud” or “undesirable effects” on the economy.

Source: Informacion


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