If you can’t get along with rice, go ahead. Ask your brother, grandmother, uncle or whatever you need; really do it, because you will be grateful that you have the most magical powers: power conquer the palate with the perfect tereta dish. Why so emphatic? This has nothing to do with being approved. Take care of the Sunday riceWith your friends drinking a vermouth, next to the friendly August sun and a touch of fire. Nothing to see, this goes much (but much) further. neither more nor less To Senegal, Sri Lanka or the Peloponnese.

Sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? A good rice in the Peloponnese? You can certainly allow yourself to make mistakes with a little more concealment there, but be careful, don’t make a big mistake! more than anything because your duty will be very important in this land: to be the ambassador of La Fallera, Buy the product that no one else in Valencia Community has bought yet. There is only one thing you need to do to get this position: Buy two packs of rice and enter the lottery.

Become an Ambassador of La Paella

Paella Ambassadors: farewell to disasters

We have already prepared the broth; We talked about what you can achieve, if it is not clear, it is as follows. La Fallera will draw three trips—and what we’ll tell you about later. take the paella in this case to three gorgeous corners of the planet: Sri Lanka, Peloponnese and Senegal.

And this famous rice brand knows we collide when we leave our borders paellas with nothing See with our recipe. Of course you’ve seen everything there… So La Fallera’s solution is very serious and useful: Create Paella Ambassadors. It’s a clear attempt at “never again” to disasters, named after the well-known dish and combining ingredients like chorizo ​​with seafood. Yes.

Sri Lanka, Peloponnese and Senegal: 3 trips where La Fallera was drawn

How to win one of the 3 trips of La Fallera

It doesn’t matter if you buy Bomb rice La Fallera, round rice or any brand rice. if you do it yourself only two packsany kind, now you can enter the raffle for three trips (for two). Just so you have no doubts, we leave you with very simplified requirements:

  • Purchasing two packs La Fallera rice.

  • upload a picture of the purchase ticket to www.embajadoresdelapaella.es
  • choose Destiny What do you prefer.

To participate, buy two packs of rice and go to www.embajadoresdelapaella.es.

With these three steps, we’ve already done everything. From then on, you’ll just have to wait with a ready kit to find out if you’re the diver. Imagine flying to Senegal (among many other things, of course) to cook for Bassari, Belik or Fulani. Be careful… Imagine yourself watching the simb dance, the lions dance, right after saying what socarrat is more than 3,000 kilometers from home.

Win one of 100 Paella Ambassador Kits

There is still more the story does not end here. Unfortunately if you don’t get one of the big trips as a prize, you still won’t come back empty-handed because there is a prize as part of the same draw, 100pcs Paella Ambassador Kit. with each a Seafood Ricethree packets of rice, an apron and a wooden spoon.

Also get one of 100 Paella Ambassador Kits

You can participate in the draw Between 13 June and 10 July. La Fallera will announce the winners once entries have been confirmed and the draw has been made. If you wish, you can also follow the brand on Instagram, excitement or Facebook to stay up to date with the progress of the promotion and find out before anyone else if you’re the lucky one.