Spider-Man fan film writer who praised Andrew Garfield caught in racist scandal

Spider-Man: Lotus, a fan film about a friendly neighbor trying to come to terms with the death of Gwen Stacy, should premiere in 2022. The director of the latest spider “trilogy” Jon Watts spoke flatteringly about the picture and Andrew garfield Recently, Lotus has become a hot topic of conversation again, but for a less cheerful reason.

Twitter users discovers online racist comments from actor Warden Wayne, written a few years ago. The actor who played Peter Parker was quick to respond to the allegations, to publish apology message. He admitted that he received the first mobile phone only at the age of 18, so he did not realize the seriousness of the words spoken on the Internet.

After Warden’s post to the surface turned up similar posts, but from the director of the film Gavin Konop (Gavin Konop). The director has not yet commented on the allegations.