Ana Peleteiro He became a benchmark, not just an athlete. Since the Galician victory at the Olympic Games, it hasn’t stopped gaining popularity through both its social networks and television, it’s common to see him sharing the most unknown aspects of his life.

Just a few days ago, she also announced that she is expecting her first child with the athlete. Benjamin Compaoare and during these weeks his visits to television programs became more frequent. She first explained all the details of her motherhood in ‘El Hormiguero’ and also shared the set with Toñi Moreno in ‘Let yourself be loved’. Olympic medal now The last guest of ‘Nails’, Flooxer’s program.

Common area with Ana Peleteiro this Sunday Sindy Takanashi He admitted that he is a huge fan. Ribeira’s wife began to explore some of the most difficult parts of her life thanks to her interviews. “I was training in Portugal, I was watching this interview, and all of a sudden I started crying,” she admitted. His partner asked him what was wrong and he replied “I lived what this girl told me and didn’t know it was sexual abuse.”

“I was already in a manipulative relationship, so bad and toxic, but realizing that the person you lived with until that moment did this to you was overwhelming. Even though I had suffered before, it hit me a little bit, it was a reality shock that drove me crazy in my life.”.

“I was in complete shock. and it was hard for me to digest it and I actually talked to my family about it and told them what I was going through, what it was. In that conversation with my father, I couldn’t see his face, but I felt it. “Oyster I’m her father and I couldn’t mediate what was going on”explained.

He also mentioned adoption and how he spent his years believing a story that had little to do with reality.

He started by saying, “My parents adopted me two days after I was born, my story is heavy.” “I thought my mother died during childbirth, so my parents adopted me.. In 2016, I asked my mother, “Why did my mother die from childbirth?” I said. And he says to me, “But what are you saying? Your mother isn’t dead.. Your mother abandoned you, gave birth by herself at home, and took you to the minors in Coruña, and the only information she gave was that she didn’t want anyone in her family to adopt you, and that you had a sister.” Confessed.