What foreign cars appeared on the Russian market due to “gray” imports?

Despite the massive suspension of deliveries of new cars and vacant dealerships, new cars continue to appear in Russia, including those that were not previously represented in the country due to the fight against gray imports at the state level. Elena Lisovskaya, author of the Fox Rules project, shared her observations with socialbites.ca.

Residents of Russia regularly order Toyota Land Cruiser 300 and LC Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Chevrolet Captiva from abroad.

“The Chevrolet Captiva is much cheaper than all other cars of similar size and functionality. In the average configuration it will cost 2.3 million rubles, ”explains Lisovskaya.

At the same price, the Captiva crossover of the 2021 model year was found in the Avito classification by socialbites.ca. A 20 km car was brought from the UAE to the Moscow region. The SUV is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine with 170 hp, automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The equipment list includes, among other things:

reversing camera and parking sensors, third row of seats, leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control and LED headlights.

“Dealers do not have such models or they are more expensive. Basically, dealers don’t do parallel imports, otherwise they lose their dealership license. They can organize additional companies at their bases and sell as used in showrooms. “No one will import and sell cars without warranty,” he said.

Cars can be delivered to the Russian Federation by large organizations that buy cars in bulk and reach an agreement with a dealer who has almost nothing left in stock. It’s another case when a dealer brings a car for a specific customer or sells it to a dealer for exchange, or goes to the free market by placing an ad on Avto.ru, explains Sergey Burgazliev, an independent automotive industry consultant.

For example, in June of this year, several offers appeared on Avto.ru for the sale of the 2022 model Mitsubishi Xpander crossover (in the note picture) with a range of maximum configurations of several tens of kilometers. The Xpander is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine with 105 hp. Together with the “automatic” and in the interior of the SUV, seven people can be accommodated at once. Also, Xpander is sold by the official dealer of Geely and UAZ cars in Samara, so this is a parallel business for the official.

For a new Xpander, the dealer asks an average of 2.5 million rubles,

a comparable pass from old lots in car dealerships costs at least 300-500 thousand more.

There are quite a few announcements about the sale of the new generation Kia Sportage crossover in Russia, the official sales of which did not have time to start due to the suspension of the brand’s activities in the market. Sellers offer both completely new copies and a range of several thousand kilometers from South Korea.

Most Sportage are located in Vladivostok (prices start from 2.4 million rubles),

Old-generation cars from central Russia are more expensive – the price reaches 4 million rubles.

It is noteworthy that prices for the Far East are close to the original pre-crisis prices of the manufacturer – at the beginning of this year Kia suggested dealers will sell Sportage for at least 2.33 million rubles.

how to import cars

Andrey Olkhovsky, Managing Director of Avtodom Group of Companies, at the moment cars go to Russia by parallel import, we are talking more about small batches. For example, budget models can be brought from neighboring countries, to which they were previously delivered from the Russian Federation, within the framework of the Customs Union. Models of the premium or luxury line are brought to Russia from the UAE.

“Currently, parallel imports will reduce the tension in the automotive market to some extent.

Delivery will be made by intermediaries. If we take into account the more complex supply chains in Asia and the CIS, this will increase the final cost not only for buyers but also for dealers,” says Olkhovsky.

The source reminds that new cars imported under the “gray” scheme are deprived of the manufacturer’s warranty. Dealers will include a warranty in the cost of the car or offer customers to purchase a car without warranty service.

You can bring any car to Russia, but this is very difficult – for example,

German dealers or auctions do not accept payments from Russia,

Although Tinkoff and Raiffeisenbank have access to foreign currency transfers, Burgazliev explains.

“The second problem is that each customs post dictates restrictions in its own way. Due to these features, the demand for second-hand cars decreased in May and early June.

The highest demand for cars to be imported into Russia is for premium segment models aged 3 to 5 years. The source said that the premium segment also dominates among new cars, with the vehicles being delivered from the UAE and Turkey.

“The real problem is money transfer. Such problems are less common in Japan and Korea, and none at all in the Middle East and Turkey. Currently, the most popular plan is to open an account for one person in Georgia or for another person in Turkey – instructing him to buy a car at the same time as a sale and purchase.

The risk is that at some point you will have neither money nor a car,” warns Burgazliev.

The Russian Association of Auto Dealers told socialbites.ca that at the moment there is no information on the import of cars through parallel imports by official dealers. Alexei Starikov, Deputy General Manager of New Car Sales at Avilon AG, said in an interview with the publication that the details of the new plans for the supply of cars and components are not known.

Officially – just “Chinese”

Representatives of the AvtoSpetsCentre Group of Companies noted that at least five new crossovers from China will appear in Russia in the next few months.

For example, a pre-order for the Haval Dargo SUV has already been announced. sent in Moscow in June. The Geely Monjaro crossover will appear at the brand’s dealerships in August 2022.

Another brand from China, Chery, announced The appearance of a new brand called Omoda in Russia. Below that will be sold the C5 crossover, formerly known as the Chery Omoda 5, and the company is also gearing up to sell the Tiggo 4 Pro compact SUV.

“Another key innovation for 2022, the Changan Uni-K flagship crossover, will appear at the Chinese brand’s Russian dealerships before the end of summer. The Vehicle Type Approval (OTTS) for the vehicle has already been obtained and will be available for purchase in Russia very soon,” AvtoSpetsTsentr Group said.

socialbites.ca learned that in Russia there are new models of cars of American, Korean and Japanese brands that were not previously presented in the country. What new foreign cars have become popular with domestic car owners, how much they cost, and what obstacles to driving from abroad are in the material of socialbites.ca.

Source: Gazeta


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