Monegal’s critique: Andalusia, France and ‘la Catalunya Nord’

Only TVE, La Sexta and Canal Sur have changed their schedules to present their Andalusian selections widely. I think it was an important moment, the maximum apotheosis of PP: when Juanma Moreno Bonilla With 99% of the votes counted, number 58 suddenly won another deputy.

Ah! The excitement in the People’s Party was at its peak. This last helpful creature in TVE stumbled them a bit. Xavier Forte Checking the bench, he said: «On PSOE 30. Save on less furniture. And adds PP 58 ». In other words, a gray statement with a slight muscle tone.

on the sixth Garcia Ferreras gained further momentum, but warned: «58 has fallen, yes, but be careful, we’ll see if it continues. Because… there can only be a difference of a thousand votes!”

So it’s a controlled illusion: 58 might turn to the socialist party. It wasn’t. analyst José Henry Monrosi, it was on the table Ferrerashe synthesized the left’s fiasco with the note: «I am calling the leaders of PSOE and United We Can, and everyone’s phone is in airplane mode!».

Indeed, there are nights when airplane mode is a haven. The most touching comment was the host of Canal Sur. Fernando Garcia. When? Bonilla added 58 he was giving his speech to us Adriana Lastra, for consolation “Let’s keep working so that change will come!” shouting and Fernando Garcia Then he added: “As of now, deputy number 58 has arrived. Moreno Bonilla”.

Ah! The Andalusian breech always has a lot of spark. There were other elections as well: the French legislative elections. These are always followed by a lot of TV-3. Also, the way he reports on France is very interesting. First they connect with Paris, here David Melgarejo He always perfectly describes for us what is happening in the capital and all over France. But then they make another informative block, another separate link, with what they call ‘la Catalunya Nord’, where TV-3 hires a reporter and team in addition to those in Paris. A very funny dyslexia.

Of course, they aim to instill in us that ‘Catalonia Nord’ is a different country even within France. They are so dreamy. But it is interesting: it turns out that in the ‘Nord of Catalunya’ the far right has destroyed “totes les scontituenncies”. Meditation, yes.

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