Twenty years of personalized reproductive medicine and excellence at Elche

in June 2002 Bernabeu Institute opened her reproductive medicine clinic in Elche. Twenty years later, the institution is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, staying true to its distinctiveness, personalized attention and excellence, with a human team of experts highly specialized in applying the latest treatments and technology and the most innovative techniques. Margarita was the first mother to a child born with assisted reproductive techniques at the Instituto Bernabeu Elche, after María and later many mothers arrived. The clinic has helped deliver more than a thousand babies to date.

To commemorate this event Instituto Bernabeu Elche At an event held on Thursday, June 16, Elche Mayor Carlos González, Member of the Health Council, Mariola Galiana, Miguel Hernández University (UMH) Vice-Chancellor for Research, Professor Domingo Orozco and medical director of the Instituto Bernabeu Group, Dr. It hosted the Andrea Bernabeu.

Dr. Bernabeu thanks Elche association these 20 years together. And “in perspective, IB Elche as a benchmark in reproductive medicine in these 20 years has not only helped couples. fertility issuesbut also offers solutions to other social realities such as different family models. ovarian preservation due to delay of maternal or oncological processes or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to avoid genetic diseases». At the same time, “our commitment is to continue to pursue excellence in human reproductive medicine that is at the forefront of research and accompanies the needs of the Elche people.”

For years, delayed maternity has been a challenge for professionals because pregnancy is increasingly sought after at later ages. The aging and depletion of eggs poses a challenge for assisted reproduction. It is also increasingly common for women to plan their motherhood by freezing eggs for later use. The clinic responds to patients’ circumstances by emphasizing the importance of personalizing each treatment.

social benefit

The mayor of Elche expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the clinic’s progress and underlined the “indisputable social usefulness of the Bernabeu Institute, which enabled the birth of a thousand babies, along with what it means for their families.” Carlos González “emphasized the importance of research in health in general and reproductive health in particular, because only with the help of scientific research can we face the challenges that health care demands for citizens”.

A few words of thanks collected by the UMH Vice-Chancellor for Research, emphasizing that “everything that improves the quality of life of citizens comes from research”. And he underlined that the Instituto Bernabeu is “an example of research excellence”. The Instituto Bernabeu maintains a years-long relationship with Miguel Hernández Elche University through the Chair of Community Medicine and Reproductive Health, which Professor Orozco co-directs.

The event concluded with the screening of a video featuring testimonies of the human team at the Instituto Bernabeu Elche and couples who wanted to share their motherhood experiences. A couple giving birth to their second daughter after fertility treatment at IB Elche. Another consists of two women expecting a baby in August after assisted reproductive treatment.

To celebrate these 20 years of life, the clinic will distribute palm kernels to fertility patients this year as a symbol of life and Elche.

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