Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira’s first night of passion on ‘Survivors’

Favorite couple of the contestsurvivorsHe had a passionate night on the island, which was caught on the cameras of the program. Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira They were recorded at a meeting at dawn, under their sleeping bags, and this would indicate that there was something more going on between them, as demonstrated in the discussion with Ion Aramendi on Sunday.

In the footage released during the third weekly gala in Telecinco format, very revealing movements can be seen under the sleeping bags between the two participants. Lydia Lozano quoted her own interpretation of the events from what can be seen: “Still standing, moving Anabel.”

The athlete’s mother analyzed the video on the set and gave her impression: “They got him, but you don’t need to put your hands on your head either.” Arelys also admitted that if Isabel Pantoja’s daughter Yulen loved her, she would not put any obstacles in their relationship: “I don’t have to like it, he has to like it” He confessed, assuring that he would respect his son’s opinion in any case.

Source: Informacion


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