Rape suspect in Zaragoza claims premature ejaculation in self-defense

Lace violations marriage is a species sexist violence That more and more people are condemned and will eventually go to court. An example is this case, when a young man sitting on the bench in the Zaragoza Court this Monday was tried for forcing his wife and mother of two children to become partners. ended up claiming premature ejaculation problem the reason for the fight in which he was arrested. MHAM, 31-year-old Venezuelan, He faces ten years in prison.

truths said don’t forget to shut up dates back to September 2020 in the social housing of an NGO. Young woman explained agents National Police asleep and went to the accused’s bed and he wanted to sexually abuse her. Kim woke up and tried to beat and scrape her, but she couldn’t because He took her hands and went inside.

Defendant assured, for his part, that these were consensual sexual relations. He said that he was approaching the bed, told her to make love and she said no, she was tired. persisted and finally According to him, after saying “but something quick” I agreed.. And as the young man himself knew, he assured that he had a problem with premature ejaculation. “I left him unsatisfied and he started telling me I wasn’t a man.He hit me and I defended myself.”

surprising explanation the complainant’s lawyer, Alberto Peiró, “How can she be mad at her premature ejaculation if she says she wants something quick?” she asked. The defendant replied, “I didn’t please him, that’s why”.

No matter, the courtroom was also called to proclaim. Although he was the only witness to the events, he was exposed to various contradictions.. She was one of the families living in a social apartment in the Zaragoza neighborhood of San José and said she saw the young man kick the girl. However, he later revealed that the door was locked.

Forensic experts treating the woman at the Mother and Child Hospital in ZaragozaThey found that he had grip injuries, as determined by the protocol, but nothing else could be in line with the argument that the kids were ahead, both forcing him and asking him to stop.

For the defense made by attorney Marta Infante, It was stressed that there was no evidence of a violation and that the accused had told the National Police the same version of the proceedings. The case was seen for punishment.

Source: Informacion


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