The friend of the first fatal victim of Marta Calvo’s murderer will tell her today her pain after sexual intercourse.

lawsuit against alleged serial killer Jorge Ignacio PJ., sitting on the bench before a people’s court for three completed murders, Arliene Ramos, Lady Marcela Vargas and Marta Calvoand eight attempted attempts with many other girls are entering their second week with the celebration of the sixth day of the oral hearing this morning.

It’s the third day on the calendar dedicated to the analysis of the first known death case attributed to Arliene Ramos, 25-year-old Brazilian Jorge Ignacio PJ, who died after a sexual encounter with the defendant in the early hours of 31. March 2019, in a brothel located on the chamfer with Plaza de Cánovas, at number 78 of Gran Via Marqués del Turia.

Last week, the person in charge of management of that floor described Arliene’s anguish – “she died on the porch in my arms, I know she died there”, the woman recalled in a heartbreaking statement – that she was formally presumed dead on April 3. Nine days later, because, according to the head of Intensive Care and Transplantation at the Clinical Hospital, “they artificially kept her alive to give her sister time to arrive from Brazil and authorize the organ donation,” even though she was brain dead. “.

A childhood friend of Arliene’s, who was with her in the apartment that day, should have also declared that day, but it was not possible as the woman could not be found to be summoned to the oral hearing. Or the National Police reported it to the court, she. The jury president even read the report that placed this witness “outside Spain and possibly in Brazil”. But it wasn’t, nor was he found by the police, or at least reported to testify neither before the group investigating Arliene’s death, nor later in the two courts that investigated this case. .

Seeing the trial, he contacted the lawyer

On Thursday afternoon, Arliene’s sister, criminal lawyer Juan Carlos Navarro, was the one who contacted the attorney who is handling the private prosecution, who said that he had learned that the trial was taking place and that he was a witness. case, so she wanted to go.

On Friday, in the fifth session of this oral hearing, Navarro briefed the court on this development, which the magistrate described as “great news” because it means that all witnesses are programmed at the outset, and given the oral hearing stage, the judge said that this woman’s allowed him to testify before the jury today. Of course, Jorge Ignacio believes that his testimony should no longer be heard in the room, believing that he could not be traced, with the opposition of his defense attorney, who filed a formal protest claiming that all charges had denied PJ’s statement on Thursday.

Once this issue is resolved, the witness will go to testify today and predictably will do so first, because this testimony is evidence, always precedes the expert and documentary ones at the hearings, what is planned for today. At that time exclusively developed Upgrade-EMVGiven that Jorge Ignacio PJ is on trial for eleven different assaults, three of which were fatal, the judge said, to simplify the complexity of the case and make it easier for the jury to understand each one individually, it’s better to put it as eleven micro trials in the main macro trial.

In this way, juries can view each case as an independent trial, in chronological order, so that each death or fatal attack has a first stage of testimony, an expert, and a documentary. Juries can listen to witnesses and see expert reports and evidence collected on a case-by-case basis, which will facilitate trial work.

Police, forensic and toxicologists

So, after Arliene’s friend rests in a deposition, the judge will continue with the scheduled schedule, so the fingerprint and DNA Scientific Police officers who identified Jorge Ignacio PJ from the evidence collected in the room will reveal where he is with Arliene today and where he is. She left him alone with pre-death concussions to sneak out of the apartment without warning anyone.

They will also announce a coroner from the Toxicology department of the Valencian Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML) who analyzes the victim’s blood but does not analyze the blood taken at his initial admission, as the Clinic’s Emergency doctor admits. The report, but another was received much later, so cocaine, whose liquid element disappeared within hours, should not have appeared, even in normal recreational use (normal doses).

Likewise, four experts from the National Institute of Toxicology, forensic experts from IML who performed the autopsy, and two experts from the National Police Central Toxicology Unit, who will talk about the purity of the cocaine found, will testify via videoconference. Therefore, today’s session is expected to be intense and long.

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